About LWCC

The Linden Woods Community Centre is one of many community centres that operate within the City of Winnipeg, under the governance of the General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres, or GCWCC. The LWCC's purpose is to provide innovative and useful programs for residents of the Linden Woods area. 

The Constitution of the LWCC provides for several roles. Each Board Member is asked to attend 10 monthly board meetings a year. The following is a brief description of each position:

  • President – The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre; preside as
  • Chairperson at all meetings of the Centre; implement all orders and resolutions of the Board; prepare and submit to the members at the Annual General Meeting a report of the preceding year for approval; attend District Community Centres Board Meetings or designate a representative.     
  • Past President – The Past President shall normally serve as an advisor to the Board, be
  • the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, and provide services as required.
  • Vice President – In the absence of the President, the performance of the President’s duties and powers shall be delegated to the Vice President.  Other duties will be as defined by the Board.
  • Secretary – The Secretary shall ensure the proper recording of the minutes of all meetings of the Board and issue notice of all such meetings; ensure that copies of  any minutes and other related Centre business are kept in a minute book or in files; organize and assemble the necessary reports required for the Annual General Meeting; maintain a roster of Board members.
  • Treasurer – The Treasurer shall ensure that the financial activities of the Centre are properly recorded; present a financial report at all regular meetings of the Board and the Annual General Meeting; present a budget to the Board; be one signing officer for bank and other financial documents;submit financial reports to the City of Winnipeg as required; other duties as may be assigned by the Board.
  • Communication – The Director of Communications shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution of a newsletter to the residents of the Community; oversee the Centre’s  web site.
  • Fund Raising – The Director of Fund Raising shall be responsible for the planning, implementation, and co-ordination of all fund raising activities approved by the Board; maintain  charitable donation receipt books on behalf of the Linden Woods Community Foundation.
  • Special Events – The Director of Special Events shall be responsible for the planning,
  • implementation, and co-ordination of special events or activities approved by the Board.
  • Seniors’ Issues – The Director of Seniors’ Issues shall serve the interests of the senior members of the Community.
  • House and Grounds – The Director of House and Grounds shall oversee, and make recommendations pertaining to, the operation of the buildings and grounds of the Centre; co-ordinate future site developments; control the issuing of keys to the Centre.
  • Hall Rentals – The Director of Hall Rentals shall be responsible for co-ordinating bookings; ensure that all City of Winnipeg regulations pertaining to rentals are adhered to; control the issuing of keys to the facilities to rental groups.
  • Sports – The Director(s) of Sports shall oversee the sports and recreational activities at the Centre.
  • Members at Large – Duties shall be assigned by the Board

Each Board Member is asked to attend 10 monthly board meetings a year. 

The logo used on this web site was officially launched with the September 2004 issue of Linden Words. It was designed by Franciso Guarderas, a long-time resident of Linden Woods, who responded to our request for ideas for a new logo. It is symbolic of many things about Linden Woods (balls, trees, parks) and has a flexibility that permits use by all community organizations - Community Association, Community Foundation, and Community Centre. The logo is the property of the Linden Woods Community Association. Permission to use it should be obtained from the LWCA Board.